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100% Linen
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Polished Flax Twines
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Polished Flax Twines
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Polished Flax Twines
Polished Flax Twines:
Polished Flax Twines


we are AlMasria Est. Manufacture Of Polished Flax Twines

Polished Flax Twines

Produced from all kinds of the flax fiber : flax tow , machine tow and between machine tow and flax tow .
It can be polished by borax , starch and parrafin wax or left unpolished .
from NM 0.24 to NM 60 dubling:2-6 ply.
Moisture content 10% Max.
Tolerance  break str. 10:15% and in dens. 7:15%
It can be twisted with the availability of full bleaching, 1/2 bleaching and ¾ bleaching .
Also it can be degummed only .
It can be formed in cones , bobbins , balls with different weights according to the customers request .

• Yarn from Hackled Flax is available   from lea no. 0.33 till lea no.12
• Yarn from Machine Tow is available   from lea no.0.35 till lea no.6
• Yarn from Rescutched Tow is   available from lea no.0.30 till lea    no.2
• Yarn from Mixed between Machine   Tow and Rescutched Tow is   available from lea  no.0.30 till lea    no.3
• There are many different shapes,sizes and weights for the yarn as we got• It is available from 25 g.r till 1 k.g

Al-Masria For Imp &Exp Est. (H.S.M)

Hesham Sameer

G. Manager

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